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    Among the myriad of dropped features to, eh, simplify Win 8:

    The ability to get easier rid of viruses and other nasties catched my attention. Quote:

    MSConfig's Startup tab has been killed and replaced by the Task Manager's Startup tab that doesn't have the 'Location' column which was useful for example to know if the process started from HKCU or HKLM.

    Chkdsk when run at startup does not display any information about file system repairs besides % complete. The screen with scanning and correction details is gone when Chkdsk runs at startup and replaced by just a % complete.

    Memory addresses and other technical information has been removed from the Windows 8 bug check screen (BSOD)

    Device Manager no longer shows Non-Plug and Play Drivers/hidden devices. The "Devmgr_Show_NonPresent_Devices=1' environment variable has no effect.

    Especially the last one is quite servere, so I decided to check it out, and indeed, it's gone. Here's the screenie I made:


    No PNP gone!

    No Non-PNP, nada!

    And now a screenshot from Win 7:

    Win 7

    That is what you lose in Win 8. This is quite serious, because malware likes to appear in the list, and a common way to get rid of those is to disable their drivers here:

    DNS Hijack 85.255 is a particular instance of the Trojan DNSChanger family, a dangerous family of hijack Trojans. These Trojan viruses hijack your network connections and change your DNS so that your browser automatically redirects you to dangerous websites. Symptoms of the DNS Hijack 85.255 include constant redirects to MSN or other unrelated websites and blocked access to the msconfig or system restore utilities. Getting rid of a Trojan DNSChanger requires that you delete certain files, remove associated malware and reset your DNS settings.

    How to remove:

    1. Click "Start" and input "Device Manager" into the search bar. Click on "Device Manager" to open Windows device manager.

    2. Click "View" and select "Show hidden devices."

    3. "Scroll to the "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" and expand the selection using the "Plus" sign. Search through the listing of drivers and look for "TDSSserv.sys," "msqpdxser.sys," "seneka" or "seneka.sys." Right-click the drivers and select "Disable.""


    Get over it, you don't need this anymore! Don't forget, our cloud overlords have decided that you need to put all your documents on plushy cloudy servers anyay. And you can't get malware at all, because all your apps will be Metro as soon as Win 8 is released.

    Problem solved!