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TypeScript on the server?

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    Is it feasible to JIT compile TypeScript to CLR for HTTP hosting, in say... IIS? Why or why not? Performance? Some other technical detail? Seems like everyone's talking about compiling more and more things to javascript because it's everywhere... but why not the server? It'd be great to be able to reuse models, business logic and validation between the client and the server.

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    You can convert TypeScript to JavaScript, on the fly, and run it in Node.js on IIS. Why bring the CLR to the fight?


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    It's just the context I already know... ASP.Net and IIS with the familiar tooling.

    I'm not as interested in writing an entire server from scratch, although I guess it would be a learning experience. Good links.

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    node.js itself includes a web server, or more accurately, node is a framework for developing servers. It's very popular for web development these days.

    Typically you don't write servers in node directly. Express is a popular web application framework built on top of node, there are also others with different designs and philosophies.

    You can also use MongoDB, which is a JSON (BSON more accurately) data store, where stuff like stored procedures and queries are themselves written in JavaScript. So you can have JavaScript from top to bottom.

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