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Ultrabooks/hybrids for development

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    My trusty old Asus laptop is starting to get a bit creaky, plus it weighs around 2.5kg (probably. It's hefty at least).  So i'm looking to pickup a new laptop this year, and an Ultrabook appeals to my tastes and sensibilites.  The Lenovo Carbon X1 (14") and the Samsung Series 9 (15") both look generally perfect.


    Is anyone out there doing development on an ultrabook/hybrid (hybrid being something like the surface pro or the Lenovo Carbon touch). Have you found any issues with development on these machines over the use of a standard laptop that doesn't have limitations of soldered ram and such?

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    I don't know actually. But I would be looking for a hybrid similar to Surface. Except a big twist, the keyboard is an extra battery that act as stable dock base, so I can type on my lap for real. And disconnect it for light casual use.

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    I'm looking for the exact same thing. My Asus R1F tablet is about 6 years old now although I still use it regularly to develop on while on the train. Hard to believe I'm still getting almost 3 hours out of the original battery after 6 years of heavy use.

    But it probably is time to look at something new. Will be checking out the Lenovo Carbon X1 and Samsung Series 9.

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    Are you aware of Haswell ?

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