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    Dr Herbie

    In the last release of our LOB application we added a feature whereby unhandled exceptions are now emailed (along with a stack trace) back to us.  We found there are a few small, stupid errors that got past our processes (not surprising really as we seem to have an infinite number of boundary cases) and a relentless list of issues from a third party Gantt control (GDI+ errors and out of memory errors).

    It turns out that our users we not telling about these bugs and just living with them!  Even more surprising is that they seem to be full of praise for this software; what must the standards of other packages be like?

    At least we can address them now, thanks to the influx of emails.


    So that's my tip -- automatic error reporting back to base because users don't seem to want to report bugs.


    Any other tips from seasoned developers here?