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View Thread: Using MEF for the first time : any words of experience?
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    Dr Herbie

    We're having to add 'enterprisey' integration to our application so I've gone for MEF as a plug-in container.  We're both retrieving external data and running commands into external systems (for example, we retrieving costs from a system and also raising purchase order requests).

    I've gone for a Directory catalogue (with a file-watcher so we can have live updates when new DLLs are dropped into place).

    Plug-In interfaces and DTO definitions are defined in their own project for the plug-ins to reference, so I feel we have pretty good separation from the main application.

    Anyone got any war-stories regarding MEF? Anything going to catch me out?

    Note: we're .NET 3.5, so I got MEF from Codeplex and recompiled with a strong name.