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View Thread: Using just any unsecured WiFi - stealing?
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    , davewill wrote


    As a teenager I was informed by the legal community that pleading ignorant was not an option. Smiley

    Seems like that would apply to both sides of the legal argument.

    Feel free to try that one in court too.

    Just sayin' if you're doing something you know is wrong, and you think you're going to "trick" the court by saying "oh but maybe it was unsecured because they wanted me to use it" isn't going to work.

    Courts don't need proofThey need beyond all reasonable doubt

    Our jails are full of people who thought that they'd never be caught or that they'd be able to blag it in court.

    If in doubt, try not to do stuff you know is wrong. If it's obvious to the court you're doing something that's obviously wrong, they'll just throw the book at you.