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View Thread: Using just any unsecured WiFi - stealing?
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    , blowdart wrote


    And another way is "Hey this door is unlocked, I'm going to go inside and help myself to anything I want. It's not my fault the owner didn't lock their door."

    We get it. You're cheap and don't want to pay for your own connectivity.

    That's an absolutely unfair characterization of what he said and it's almost as if folks in this thread are purposefully ignoring the words that are being used.

    In my OPINION if someone leaves their router wifi open AND I'm walking by AND my phone links up to it and downloads a few emails, I DO NOT BELIEVE I SHOULD be charged with a crime.

    And, every one of you has at one time or another done exactly that. 

    I'm well aware of what can and does happen when some legal ahole decides to get punative, but that doesn't change the fact that it's f*cked up when it does.