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Using just any unsecured WiFi - stealing?

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    @evildictaitor: Yes.  That was the original question and ultimate learning on my part. Up until this thread I had viewed the broadcasting signal of an open network as "here use my car". The frustration would have then been "here enjoy my stolen car police report".  Smiley

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    @Sven Groot: I pay $45 for 5Mbps down (yes, 5, don't rub it more) in Mexico, yo have no idea how much I hate you all when you talk about your download speeds.

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    I actually inadvertently misrepresented what I pay for my high speed Internet at home. The line item on my bill for my 15/5 FiOS Internet is $30.

    $130 came out of my fingers because my brain was thinking about the whole package that includes my TV and phone. 


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