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VS 2010 and IE10 -- debugger attach problem

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    Wondering if anyone know how long it will be before the dev div folks put out a patch / update to fix this?

    if you do not know then it's this:

    you have a web site in VS 2010, you start to debug, the dev web server fires up and launches the site in IE10 but then VS pops up a Message box with an error about attaching the script debugger.

    it will pop up again and again on each page load and will stop VS from finishing page requests under some conditions.

    this was happening in the preview, but I figured that was ok.  now that it's released this needs to be fixed.

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    Someone said they attach the process, but they have to do it every time...kind of lame you have to do this =/

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    And I would imagine that plenty of feedback was offered to MS about this.

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    Does it affect VS2012?

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    same here Win 7 VS 2012.

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