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VS2013 "Convert to Web Application" missing?

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    Can anyone else confirm this? We have many old web site projects that we're moving to web app projects and we make heavy use of the "convert to web app" context menu option for aspx files. I installed VS2013 this morning and the option does not show up. Was it taken out, or is something not configured correctly?

    You can check this pretty easily by making a new web application, removing the designer file for default.aspx and then right-clicking the aspx file.

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    Emmm... I don't have VS2013 installed but I think your suggested way of test is incorrect.

    An empty web application is still a web application(with .csproj / .vbproj file, and compile to single assembly for each project), so of course no "Convert to Web Application" option is given.

    What you should look for is "Open Web Site..." option from "File" menu. If it's there then I suppose you can find "Convert to Web Application" after opening website by that menu item.

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    @cheong: Nope, that's not how it works. The "Convert to Web Application" option should show for each aspx/ascx file that doesn't have a designer file. This is how it works in VS2010 and VS2012. I find it very odd that MS removed this option in 2013.

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    @sandpointid: Actually, MS responded to my feedback and let me know the option was moved under the Project menu. Makes more sense there IMO, since you want to convert the entire project, not just a few files.

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