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    , Ray7 wrote


    Wow. People keep telling me to ditch the contact lenses and go for eye surgery. Dunno. I hear that these things go wrong one in twenty. Those are good odds, but I wasn't born lucky...

    I wear disposable contacts and they're no hassle at all, as long as you scrub your hands thoroughly before putting them in or taking them out.

    How up-to-date are those statistics? I'm asking because I'm sure the failure rate has been decreasing over the years since they keep coming up with new methods and technologies.

    For instance the machine that was used on us had a little red light at the top. So as you lie down and look up, you are instructed to look straight into that light. The machine tracks your eye position very accurately and if you look away from that red light, it immediately stops any further laser action. Pretty fool proof it seems.

    Of course, failure can occur at other points too, like incorrect data being used on you (they do ask you to state your full name and some other identifying info as you lay down - don't want to get you mixed up with the next patient), or some mechanical/computer failure etc.

    I have a feeling the failure rate is less than one in twenty these days. Also one has to define "failure". I guess one can call my wife's 1st go around a failure as she didn't hit the exact amount of required correction but the second time she did.