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    , SteveRichter wrote

    Interesting how you do not hear much about laser eye surgery anymore. 

    My wife and I both had our eyes zapped about 6 - 7 years ago. Before that we both wore contact lenses and both hated it. By the end of the day my eyes would feel like I haven't slept for 2 days.

    Anyway the laser surgery worked very well (although my wife had to go a second time because it wasn't quite right the 1st time). Since then neither of us needed glasses or contacts.

    However what laser surgery can't fix is that your eyes lose their ability to quickly change focal distance. This happens  at around 40 years of age. Once this happens your eyes get "stuck" in their natural focal point and you are either going to need reading glasses or distance glasses (or both even). My "natural" focal point is roughly 2 feet so it is ideal for me since I work on a computer a lot. At some point I know I would need to get glasses because I'm having difficulty focusing very close and distance is also not quite as sharp as it used to be so my eyes definitely are losing their focusing ability.

    One great thing about the laser surgery was that it fixed my astigmatism. At the time they could calculate about 100 points on each eye and adjust each point by a different amount. This allowed them to even out the curvatures on my eyes and hence fix the astigmatism. So even if I can't see quite as well as I used to, at least I don't have to deal with astigmatism.

    Also for what it's worth, we have "lifetime" free follow ups for our laser surgery. So we could go back any time and have it redone but I don't think either of us would need that.