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    So sure eniugh when I hit 40 my eyes started to go and after boucing around with a few of the "off the shelf" reading glasses I eventually settled on my own prescription based pair.

    So here is the story, I ordered some aditional reading glasses from one of  these companies based 'somewhere else on the planet' and received an additional pair of reading glasses.  Great! 

    After I trod on my spare pair and ordered a replacement from the same company I was surprised when they came back and apeared blurry.  Bit of a revelation when I looked up though as objects that I had previously thought were sharp were now 'pin sharp'  (I had ordered long distance instead of reading lenses by mistake)

    So (don't worry I am getting there) this was all fine for a while and I even occasionally pick up the long sighted pair for watching HD films.

    Then I got a new laptop that supported 'Intel WIDI' and proceeded to set up a shared monitor between my laptop and TV on the other side of the room.

    All worked well and for a while I sat there with my reading glasses perched on the end of my nose such that when I looked at my laptop I could see eveything in focus, and when I looked up I could see everything on the TV (albeit sharp but not 'pin sharp')

    So I decided to try varifocals and they arrived this morning.

    I have to say they are a bit of a let down - I guess I was expecting a miracle but what you actually get with these lenses is a fairly small "sweet spot"  This guy explains it better.

    So I guess I will endevour to persevere for a while.

    Anyone else have any experience of this process?