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View Thread: Visual Studio 2012: SLOW & BUGGY.
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    Really? That's the methodology that Microsoft used for Windows 8?

    Everything I have heard or seen from Soma, Zander and Brian Harry seem to indicate that they have adopted Agile methodologies. Microsoft have become quite secretive in a the last couple of years, so it is hard to be sure

    Keep in mind that the iPhone 5 (and its iOS 6 ilk) was still managed by Jobs (product development cycles are between two and three years). I'm sure he had no input whatsoever on the Maps app.

    Well, besides his hate on Google, of course.

    Face it, Jobs shipped a lot of crap software. Good one as well, but you can't airbrush history this way.

    The maps app was huge news, making the headlines, because in general the iPhone and IPad have been quite good whenever new versions come out. Yes Apple have shipped crap, but when they get things wrong, it's on the front page. I say this because I was discussing Windows 8 with an absolute Apple fanboi I work with today, I told him that Windows 8 presents a much needed improvement in software, I just think he would pick out too many bugs at present, so it would be best to wait for at least a service pack.

    I do see the real value of Agile development (I have been agile for the last few years), especially if its my money being spent, but in releases prior to you leaving Microsoft, people almost dared you to find a bug, I don't get that feeling anymore, and just feel that I need to check for updates more. In some ways Microsoft used to produce beautiful operating systems and IDE's that had a few huge security holes in them, now their OS's are secure almost by default, and the holes are in trying to do more with the same or less staff levels.