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View Thread: Visual Studio 2012: SLOW & BUGGY.
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    It gets better. The last remaining error I get with InstallShield Limited Edition is:

    -5008: Intel64 or AMD64 must be specified in the template of the Summary Stream

    After spending time trying to figure out what it means from the Flexera online help, I got to the conclusion they don't have any help for the Limited Edition version since the steps they describe to resolve the issue is impossible to follow in the version I have. More searching around the web indicates that the area where you are supposed to make this change is DISABLED IN THE LIMITED EDITION.

    Is this a joke? This is absolutely unacceptable after MS supplied a perfectly functional installer up until VS 2010. Think about it: They actually had to PAY someone to complete the following task: "Remove the Visual Studio Installer Template. Replace with shovelware".

    I'll take a look at Advanced Installer but a quick look at it shows it also has a free and paid versions. That is usually a red flag that you won't get a functional product for free, but I refuse to pay for this functionality after a huge amount of money was already paid for my MSDN subscription.