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View Thread: Visual Studio 2012: SLOW & BUGGY.
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    I have used Visual Studio 6, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2010 and 2012 (of course on different machines I have owned so far), but I feel like Visual Studio 2012 is slower than 2010. Especially when it comes to start up time and the XAML UI designer loading.

    And I do agree that it looks ugly. The whol Metro thing is ruining Microsoft. I also use Office 2013 Preview, and its Metro sucks too. Everything became flat (I like 3D shapes, because they are more realistic and distinguishable) and rectangular... Why force Metro to every product?

    I think Aero on Windows 7 looks far more attractive than the flat Windows 8's chrome. When Microsoft announced Windows 7, I  actually thought it looked better than OS X (I use OS X). Now with Windows 8?... It just looks like a failed iOS. Could it be possible that somehow Microsoft throws the whole Metro thing away, and goes back to the Windows 7's style?