I'm having a much better experience with Visual Studio 2012 than I did with 2010.  I'm using it for ASP.Net, WinForms and Windows 8 development.  I actually even like the UI with two exceptions.  First, it should have not used UPPER CASE FOR THE MENUS.  Thankfully, there was an add-on to fix that (or a registry tweak if you went that route).  Second, the icons need color.  I've been using VS2012 for a while now and I'm still having trouble distinguishing between commonly used icons that I didn't used to have an issue with.  I find that frustrating.  Performance wise though for the most part my VS2012 runs a lot faster than 2012 which was slow on every installation I ever had it on.

The one thing I will complain about though is that the XAML designer still, well, it sucks.  That's not 2012 specific though.  It's *always* loading no matter how fast the machine I'm running.  My other problem with the XAML editor is frequently has exceptions that give no detail that lock it up, I have to close out of it and re-open it working again.

I just thank the heavens that we still have menus in VS2012 and not the Ribbon.