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Visual Studio 2013 and older Phone 7.1 project

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  • Proton2

    Does VS 2013 work with a Windows Phone 7.1 project?

    I get an error when I open up such a project. Example:

    D:\Users\Gary\SkyDrive\MyProject\PhoneApp1\PhoneApp1.csproj : error  : The expression "[System.IO.File]::ReadAllText(D:\Users\Gary\SkyDrive\MyProject\PhoneApp1)" cannot be evaluated. Access to the path 'D:\Users\Gary\SkyDrive\MyProject\PhoneApp1' is denied.  D:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\Silverlight for Phone\v4.0\Microsoft.Silverlight.Common.targets


    As a test I converted a copy of the project to phone 8, and it opened just fine.


  • PeterF

    I assume it will become available as an add-on just like with VS 2012.

  • Proton2

    I've found a solution good enough for now. I can use portable class libraries, so at least I can use the editor in VS2013. I do Test Driven Development, writing unit tests, which helps me write most of the code I need.

  • PeterF

    just be careful to test any abstract classes from the portable class libraries natively on each platform, since the unit tests would require their own implementation...


  • Ratatat​Richie

    Hi. More of a plea for help than a 2c.
    Using VS2013 for Phone, many projects I try and run from downloads fail as for Proton2.

    I get the same error message as did Proton2 but the project wont load so how can I convert a non-loaded project to v8 ?

    Thanks (Android migrator who finds this versioning even worse than Android's IceCreamBurgers)


  • emabusi

    @Proton2: am also experiencing the same problem, what is the solution to it. Thanks

  • Proton2

    , emabusi wrote

    @Proton2: am also experiencing the same problem, what is the solution to it. Thanks

    My solution is to have separate projects.

    I use a class library Silverlight project, which can be opened in 2010 and 2013. (I select Silverlight 4.03, the highest version supported in my scenarios ).

    The phone 7.1 project can only be opened in 2010; I only put the least amount of code in this project, and link files from other projects.

    If you open a 7.1 in 2013, you can migrate it, to phone 8. I don't do that, but when I'm ready to develop the phone 8 version, I'll see then. If you don't migrate it, however, you can't work on it in 2013. But that's ok in my case because most of my work is in my Unit Test projects and class library projects which do work with 2013. I rarely need to work with the phone projects, witch ( hey its Halloween ) mostly contain only view type code / XAML , and I use the MVVM pattern.

    I also am doing Windows 8 store projects in the same manner, using the same code/files for most of my application for the different platforms.

    I had to abandon the portable class method as I can't open them in 2013 express versions.


  • Proton2

    Just an update: I figured out how to get the portable classes to work. I can't open a project of that type in Express 2012 for phone, but I can use the classes from such a project as long as I use 2010 first and build the solution/project, taking care to build debug and release versions both.

    Just to be clear here, I have references to projects and not references to a dll file.

    Express 2012 for phone will read the phone 7 projects from 2010. 2013 requires migration to phone 8. Express 2012 for phone can't open a portable class library, 2013 pro can.

    So why am I jumping through all these hoops? Oh yeah, I remember now, in 2010 a phone project can't open my model and other library projects, so I had to use the add file as link to get things to work. However now that I figured out portable class libraries, it will be easier for me to maintain my solution(s) after moving my files to those project types. But I like using some of the features in the 2013 products (express versions) and I can use most of my code from say the express for desktop, that can read and work with my unit test projects, which don't need the phone projects.

    I could also buy 2013 pro. However 2010 I already own, and ... I just installed 2013 Pro a couple of hours ago. I have 90 days to see if its worth buying. I notice the virtual launch is one day after my birthday Smiley

    If some of this is coherent, its because its well past my bed time, and I ate too much Halloween candy.

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