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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    Cheevos/Gamerscore is more than just fun.  For some people it's a profession and many websites are dedicated to it.  I for example am the only person in the world with 95,000 cheevos/xbox live gamerscore and over 55,000 myspace fans.

    Now you might think this is harmless fun, but achievements were started by Xbox live and should only remain in xbox live.  PS3 has now come out with trophies and Apple has some achievements now too.  Real gamers frown upon those.  Microsoft has recently even put xbox live cheeovs on an iOS game (I think in an effort to stop Apple cheevos).   Adding anymore achievements to anything tries to devalue the microsoft xbox live cheevos.  It really devalues it being from Microsoft because now you don't know what cheevos you're talking about.  Is every program going to have it's own cheevos now?  MS has spent a lot of time developing the xbox live ecosystem where, PC, windows phone and Xbox all share the same achievement system.  This is very troubling.  I'm going to bring this up with True Achievements and my connections at Microsoft.