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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    , mootinator wrote

    Peer-to-peer cheevos is the next big thing. Who needs some stupid central authority telling me what is and isn't a cheevo?

    Well I think Microsoft has done a pretty good job, and True Achievements website has done a good job sorting and ranking the data (although they have a monopoly on the data).  I don't want to promote TA, but if you've never seen their website, you should check out all the various rankings and statistics they offer to check your cheevos.

    Microsoft has the authority because they have the best online gaming ecosystem.  Xbox 360 is the dominant console and had cheevos way before sony had trophies or whatever.  Things could change, but for now and years back Xbox360 has been very dominant.

    I guess you could sue them like europe did so Internet Explorer isn't installed by default, saying you should be able to pick different gamerscore options....well let me just stop that thought, cus it's going no where.

    Point is, until there is some dominant gaming system that won't port an equal game over to microsoft's console or PC, MS will be the central authority.  I guess if that did happen, I'd tell people, 'In 2012, I had 100k cheevos"

    I think you're talking about coming up with a life points achievements, sort of how I did a self worth calculator.  The problem is verifying all those achievements, it's not realistic.