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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    By reading some of these posts, I find it sad that even many Microsoft developers don't even know what platforms Xbox Live gamerscore/cheevos covers. And I don't blame you. I blame Microsoft for spending 1.5 Billion on advertising flash mobs with only a litte bit of breakdancing instead of educating people on the Xbox Live Ecosystem. It's funny how they have a guy trying to impress a chick with a windows phone in that one commercial and throw in only a little bit of breakdancing for surface, but they can't get it right, cus they didn't hire me (They just read my posts). Give me a 30 second commercial and 1.5 Billion of advertising and I'll have the surface beating the iPad (and maybe I'd use 1/2 the money lower the price). They really just need to fly me into their marketing meetings for 1 day and I'll turn things around.

    Now for those that don't know, xbox cheevos/gamerscore is in Xbox, Xbox Kinect games, Windows Phone, Windows 8 games, PC games and there is 1 game in iOS. Many of you have posted that you want cheevos for doing various things not on a device, well Kinect has the ability to do so and Kinect Labs do have cheevos. This is the future I'm talking about, where you can really get credit(and proof) for Cheevofying a chick. And everyone in the workplace that has windows 8 will now rack up cheevos at work playing solitare. MS needs to change the name from xbox live gamerscore to something like: live-score or life-score. This ecosystem is taking over and everyone is going to have cheevos like it or not. This is why I'm surprised that VS didn't have realy cheevos. (Hopefully in 3 years).

    Now I'm not going to be posting here all the time. I suggest that you follow my twitter, facebook, youtube or myspace page for updates on whats going on (all links found on I just had the 2012 Cheevies awards last night:

    Maybe next year one of you could win best app promoting cheevos.