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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    , kettch wrote

    @Blue Ink: With achievements, they've convinced people that having lots of them is a good thing. In reality, you are meat to be sold to the companies that make games for a cut of the profits.

    This is starting to remind me of the kinds of people who always find a way to bring up how their team won the regional <insert random sport> championship in high school. It's meaningless! Stats are meaningless unless they are tied to something real. Video games, by definition, aren't real. YouTube views aren't real. Social network friends aren't real.

    However, I have no right to tell you that you shouldn't do all of that. We all should be able to do whatever makes us happy as long as it doesn't hurt somebody else. Just stop acting surprised that the rest of us aren't impressed.

    You can say everything is meaningless.  YouTube Views got Psy famous, Pauly D got on the Jersey Shore because of his MySpace page.  I've gotten some breakdancing gigs cus of my MySpace page.  How do people get high positions at tech companies?  Cus they know people and can get investment money...  Yes not everyone will be impressed by cheevos.  But when I press Xbox Live on my Windows phone, my gamescore comes up.  When people view your profile/gamercard on xbox live, they see your gamerscore.  It's all about being the alpha male in the group.  The only way to become the alpha male is to impress people.  There is a certain delivery of your stats that's involved with impressing people and picking up chicks, so you have to have that skill too.