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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    @Laura10:  Yes, I do have rules for females that have high gamerscore, and yes in that case that person couldn't date someone like myself (one night stands are ok though).  The plot of my reality movie/documentary is what happens when I met a chick with higher gamerscore than myself.  I'd probably clam up and not be able to talk, but I'm not sure what will happen.  The female gamer, Choskie has agreed to be in my movie for that role. She has over 150k Cheevos.  The gamer girl leader Totally Krispix has over 430k cheevos and I'm honored that she's on my xbox live friends list.

    Also if you get my windows phone cheevos app, there is a self worth calculator that determines what level you are on. That's only on the WP8 version though.  There are exceptions like being a celebrity.