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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    Well some people do make a living from gamerscore/cheevos.  Not me, I don't play as much as the leaders and I don't have the skill set that the very top people do.  I said earlier, I'm a Renaissance man (Well Rounded), because I do various other activities than gaming.  I do have a calculation on my cheevos site and my phone app that can help with your self worth.

    "Points = (Cheevos * 2) + youtube views + social media fans(myspace, facebook) + (breakdance skill leve(1-10) * 50,000)"


    As for Twitter I do have a lot of twitter followers around 150k youtube views.  See I have stats to back things up online.  I could tell you that a couple months ago I was breakdancing in the circle in vegas and Paully D walked by and gave me the thumbs up.  Now I have no proof of that, you would just have to believe me and you can't do that on the internet.  That's why in today's internet age, your stats are so important.


    As for the comments about the cheevos leaders... The cheevos leader Stallion83 seems very well rounded to me too.  I don't know him personally, but he said he can bench double his body weight, has a girl friend and hosts the gamerscore popcast.

    Here's one of his random videos that has 279k views: