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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    I present to you the CHEEVINATOR. (naming convention borrowed from Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz)

    WWW.CHEEVINATOR.COM will gather cheevos from as many places as cheevos can exist: xbox, visual studio, PS3 trophies, apple, android, you tube account views, fan counts, break dance ratings, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

    CHEEVINATOR will be the ultimate bank for cheevos.

    Anyone can open an account on the CHEEVINATOR.  Once an account has been established cheevos from any other cheevo sources may be deposited.



    1. you get a single pile of cheevos.

    2. you potentially get cheevos from any number of disparate cheevo sources.

    3. all the cheevites have a common platform within which to compare their cheevocity.



    cheevos in the "bank" could be exchanged like currency for goods or services provided by fellow cheevites. cheevites don't have a problem with the "ladies" so I don't think we need to worry about this exchange encouraging prostitution.


    Some needed changes...

    your cheevo formula will be used to calculate the cheevo total for each account.  (Cheevos * 2) + youtube views + social media fans(myspace, facebook) + (breakdance skill leve(1-10) * 50,000). however, the formula will need to be tweaked.  it is currently too heavily weighted for break dancing and therefore is NOT handicap friendly.  suggest some alternative formulas.


    How to fund the operation of the CHEEVINATOR...

    initially thoughts of a percentage of cheevos deposited seemed the most obvious.

    however, since data center operators do not accept payment in the form of cheevos we will have to turn to advertising.

    we will have the usual left and right side advertising with the user content in the middle.

    until the site can build some momentum to attract higher dollar advertisers we are going to need you Dan276 to work out a deal with Pauly D to advertise.  We will guarantee him a top left advertising spot at the top 5 minutes of every hour.  this way his fellow cheevites can anticipate any new advertisement he might want to publish.

    all this hinges on Pauly D's commitment.  it is up to you Dan276.  don't let us down.