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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements; they're not Xbox live right?
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    , MaryUK wrote

    the universe keeps feeding me reasons to link to this thread. someone on Twitter just asked me if Office 2013 had any Xbox LIVE integration...

    And it should.  There are so many reasons to link Xbox Live with Office 2013.  Press a button, and awesome excel sheet with all you games, cheevos, dates, completion..., your friends list, same thing.  Word documents, insert game details, gamercard pics...  You could make your document letterhead default with your xbox live gamercard with current cheevos.   Heck, I could make some great utilities, but I got denied for the API for xbox live when I applied for it.

    Oh and i can't pop the VS cheevos cus now it gets stuck on Loading... for me.  I could try to re-install it, but every time I install something, my registry codes get Sinofsky-ed with this bug that's been around since august.