, Dan276 wrote

I have 2 apps on the windows phone market place and various websites which I won't advertise.  I'm talented enough to do many things.  I was also rated 9.5 on Hot or Not website, so yes people do say I'm too good looking to use visual studio.  But let me assure you that I have Visual Studio 2012 and even develop stuff in (WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Windows phone 8 and Windows 8 apps).  I even had 2 windows phone 7 apps out before the release date so there's some street cred.

Mm.  So you're a hobbyist software developer, then.  Professional means you do it for a living.  

But never mind that --- what you're actually doing here is telling a bunch of uninterested men about how attractive you are.... why yes, gentlemen, I can code AND I'm hot.... and while it's perfectly okay to be homosexual, Dan, this really isn't the forum to be "picking up" on.