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Visual Studio Beginner. Add button not available in collection editor

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    I'm a beginner with Visual studio and I'm trying to program a ribbon based application (WPF). My problem is quite stupid but I can not find the solution. Very frustrating!

    I've used the collection editor to add items but after debugging (F5) the "add item" button is no longer active in the "collection editor" and I need to include new ribbon groups and buttons. I know I can write the code directly but as I am trying to learn I would like to know what am I supposed to do to use the "collection editor" again.

    Thank you very much in advance


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    When you say "after debugging", do you mean the UI is disabled as long as the program running, or that after debugging has finished, your program terminated, and the IDE is in Authoring/Design mode that the button is disabled.

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    When I say after debugging I mean that the program is lo longer running and I am again programming. I can add new items but manually writing directly the XAML code. This problem persists after closing Visual Studio and opening the proyect again.

    Thank you very much again.

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