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View Thread: Visual Studio Express - End of Life
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    Did anyone think about what this would do to all of those open source projects all over the internet that also includes a VS project option? So now those kinds of projects will no longer target VS (going forward) and I believe this was creating a halo effect for the paid versions of VS.

    As someone said, you won't even be able to create a simple Hello World console application anymore without paying first. That will have some serious impact on VS popularity by hobbyist developers and VS adoptance in general, but I guess MS doesn't think about stuff like that.

    Maybe it won't make a big difference to MS, but does MS really have to screw the hobbyists for what may not even add up to much, if any, additional profit?

    And before someone says you can still get the current versions, how long is that going to last? One year? Two years?