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    The people over at the Visual Studio Blog have posted an update describing changes to the Visual Studio interface in the soon to come first release candidate.

    My reaction:

    I really don't get why Microsoft feels the need to change to a monochromatic UI theme in a developer tool just because the next version of Windows has monochromatic tiles and icons. I also don't understand why Microsoft feels compelled to MAKE TEXT ALL CAPS IN AREAS just because the next version of Windows might do that in places.

    Visual Studio 2010 or even 2005 icons were sufficient and I didn't hear anyone complain that the run triangle button was green or the terminate square was red. Note the "adjusted the grays within the icons to eliminate any fuzziness or halo effect". Ugh.

    Newsflash to Microsoft, software developers don't care about an IDE which matches the newest Windows themes. We want the UI we use at all day to be as clear as possible, neat, organized, to the point, NOT OVERLY LARGE IN PLACES, something which fast feel snappy, is bug free (as possible), and importantly comes with great features.