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View Thread: Visual programming language vs text based programming language
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    I'm still more used to writing HTML by typing instead of drag-and-drop. So you can tell.

    IMO, test based UI design gives you more precision the layout. And (more on web in this statement) by the way there are visual layout problem that can only be fixed by adjusting CSS styles. If you use a visual designer to drag out the layout you will have a hard time to find out where to start.

    Also, there are some "gitches" about these visual designer that makes you think that they're "not designed to be helpful". Anyone tried to use "box and line" to draw grid in Crystal Report and with "snap to grid" feature enabled will tell you that. In that case I prefer to create all the grids using lines instead of "lines + boxes" mix.

    And for Winforms, I found it's convenient to just perform global replace on the .Designer.cs file to siliently shift from one datasource to another when moving the form to a new project and BOOM, the code and designer runs well.

    So I can say while it's nice to have "Visual", I may like it or not, and please always give me text-based as fallback. Don't hide UI layouts in cryptic metadata.