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View Thread: Visual programming language vs text based programming language
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    I work with a system that runs on top of Windows Workflow Foundation to provide a visual designer for mapping out processes.

    It's definitely not a general purpose language, but it does provide full access to the capabilities of the system. There's all the standard flow control, loops, and system-specific custom workflow activities.

    Herbie makes a good point:


    Visual tools can be useful for non-programmers to set up some logic, but for me it always comes down to written code.  With visual tools you are all too often limited by what the original developers thought were the types of things you would want to use them for (just the same as using some framework libraries).

    This is a problem that we have with the system we use. I always make sure that I apply a developers eye to something that the non-developer wrote using the tool. The visual nature makes it easy to gloss over the fact that something is far too convoluted or inefficient. Visual tools make it easy for a novice to get started building something, but it takes a developer's understanding to know how things should flow and how to best work around limitations.

    I don't think text based programming is going away any time soon.