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View Thread: Visual programming language vs text based programming language
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    You don't have to be programming long before the actual syntax just disappears, then you spend far more time thinking about what's happening with the call stack, or the state of local variables, 

    or the data structures you are manipulating, or the speed/complexity/memory allocation balancing decisions you are making than you do wondering if you should use a '(' or a '{' or a '[' character in any particular situation. That sort of thing just becomes muscle memory.  It's like a composer really troubling over the direction of the tails on the notes when writing a new symphony, in the end it has no bearing on what the music is actually going to sound like, (though it may make it easier/harder for the individual musician to sight-read, but who still uses hand-written manuscripts for actual performances anyway)

    If you've been programming for any length of time, and you are still really worried about syntax choices, chances are you aren't really going to 'get it' ever. Devil 

    Thinking about the differences between system design strategies in Haskell vs Clojure vs C# vs Prolog, now that's a bit more interesting.

    Now if there were ever a graphical language that dealt with things at that kind of higher level where things get interesting, (composing actors etc.) but didn't prevent you from dealing with the low level without creating an explosion in the complexity of the diagrams that they become too unwieldy, it might be worth it.


    But no one seems to really start at that level, they start using flow charts for for loops, which might work for a beginner, but aren't going to scale to any sort of complexity. 

    So most of the system that you work on, is not what you can see on the screen, but what you can conceptualise in your head. Call graphs, object hierarchies, pointers linking pieces of data.  (And visual thinkers are probably much better at it than verbal ones Sad