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View Thread: WANTED: Haskell Hacker for Compensated Language Project
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    Hello fellow hackers!

    I have a language I would like to prototype in Haskell. It's a 'language-oriented' programming language based on Lisp, ML, and a touch of Python. It's a relatively small language, but should be powerful enough to have many of its features implemented in terms of itself (classes, actors, almost all syntax, etc.)

    While the project is compensated, I'm just a commercial game programmer by day and don't have a corporate budget, so part of the motivation is the joy of the project itself. Otherwise, I have a budget of $4 - $6k USD over the next several months to compensate someone to hack it up for me. I don't have much in the way of specs, and the design is ongoing (almost certainly some holes), but there is some hint as to the design here -

    I really want to churn it out as a nice working concept to prove the language design and language oriented programming is practical even for soft-real time software like console games. The project will be open source throughout its development and the language will be free to use. I really want it to take off, despite my meager resources Smiley The great thing about using Haskell (beyond the obvious) is that it compiles down to LLVM can theoretically be deployed anywhere LLVM can (including specifically MSIL with a .NET-specific FFI).

    Beyond that, I'm looking for charitable investors once the prototype is finished and proven. I want to find other people are so sick of writing soft-real time software in C-family languages at their work place that it's worth the donation. Perhaps there is some company who might be interested in further incubating the project if it proves commercially interesting Smiley

    I do ask for the code to be reasonably clean as I would like to be able to help once I get some time. I would be implementing the thing fully myself, but I am way too swamped at work Smiley Since I have to rest my hands during my off hours, I would like to do most communication by voice.

    If anyone is interested and has the credentials to bring the project to fruition, please contact me at straight away.