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View Thread: WHAT is the future of Channel 9? Has Microsoft given up on having a developer community here ?
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    the forum is crap technically, but, that's only account for 10% of the problem. 20% of the problem is, lack of identity. But, 70% of the problem is us.

    the members are in its own little social bubbles that won't contribute to other topics outside its own little safe space.

    the treatment toward Dovella was one of the worst I have seen. Eventually I don't see him post anymore.

    our community is exceptionally toxic. It wasn't so much about posting something offensive. It is the mob mentality that bullying people of different opinion around and still feeling rightious for such divisive action.

    it is not MS to blame. Technology is one thing, but, the community is made up of people. And it is us that push new comer away, not MS.

    well i think there is more to the story than that, now i do agree that i and others can be a harsh bunch at times and i am not defending that.

    but the forum here never had any real moderation system, and very little in the way "management" from anyone at all.

    so it turned into a warzone in part due to the lack of control and lack of ownership.

    I think that with better software and a proper moderation role and policy it could be very much better.

    I recall a time when there were some good chats here, they still happen from time to time.