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WP7 device as a dev phone - will it work over wifi and no cell contract?

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    Slightly strange question....

    Will a WP7 phone work as a registered dev phone without a cell connection/contract so just over wifi or can you not get to the good stuff without it being registered on a cell network?

    Reason I ask is that we're wanting a physical dev phone to test our apps on - the emulator only goes so far - but our corporate cell contract is with Sprint and there's no phones coming for Sprint until at least next year. Changing providers is not an option for us.

    So, my big idea is to pick up a device not on contract (can even pick one up from the UK if needed), regisiter it as a dev device so I can install our apps on it for testing just over wifi. Obviously I understand that certain features won't be available by doing this, but wifi is enough to test our own apps on it, we don't need a cell connection.

    I don't know if you could get past the setup screen without a cell connection/phone number  though and don't want to waste hundreds of $ or £'s on one if you can't.

    Maybe we'll need to wait until the first jailbreak tools come out! Wink



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    Couldn't you just stick a PAYG sim in there if needed?

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    Good suggestion - but as far as I know, there isn't such a choice over here in the US, or if there is, then it's not widely available.

    I do miss that option from when I lived in the UK - it seems that a lot of cellphone options over here is way behind what's available in Europe....

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    Blue Ink

    AT&T does have a pay as you go option (GoPhone). The data plans are ludicrous, but as you plan to use wifi that might not be an issue. Not sure if it would work on a WP7, though...


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    This is a somewhat related question...having never owned a it possible to just use the device's phone capability, and for everything else, rely on wifi. I really don't want to buy a data plan.

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    @MasterPie: I guess it would depend on the phone, the iPhone has a Mobile Data On/Off option that should do what you want.

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    @OrigamiCar:You shouldn't have any trouble doing what you want... without a SIM card, the device will only be connected when you are using wi-fi. This shouldn't really impact development, *but* I will stress that you should go through at least some form of beta testing with a celluar data connection because the conditions are so different (low bandwidth, dropped connections)

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