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WP7 mango alarm bug?

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    Can anybody reproduce this bug?

    My phone has been out of comission for about two month. Long story short Samsung Omnia 7 'dont surf'.

    I got the phone back in its factory state plugged it into my laptop and there were the updates and mango waiting for me. So I set my alarm for 6 and wake up at 7.30

    I'm baffled as I always set my alarm for weekdays by marking all the days Monday to Friday. I'm messing with my phone and the alarm seems to go off when all days of the week are selected. Change it back to weekdays and nothing.

    I'm slightly annoyed, can anybody reproduce this, is it a known bug?

    Written with an windows phone, tired now.

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    @mikexkearney:Nope, just tried creating an alarm for weekdays and it worked fine. Have you tried deleting the existing alarm entry and creating a whole new one from scratch? Maybe something is corrupt somewhere.

    And I'm assuming you've done the obvious and made sure your phone knows the right day?

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