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WPF Default Theme

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    In designing a new WPF application I've noticed that the default theme looks somewhat unpolished and unattractive. I've then tried to find a free, well-designed and complete theme but nothing seems to fit.

    So could it be that only commercial themes for WPF are really well-designed and there is no suitable free alternative to make WPF apps look great out of the box?

    That said, if the answer is "yes", then what commercial and really polished and clean WPF theme would you recommend? Preference is VS 2012 dark theme (light is okay too) or Metro style or Expression Blend style.

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    If W3bbo were here, he'd be dancing with glee and gloating incessantly.

    Anyway, the most complete free library that I've see for WPF is elysium, but it's a combination of styles and controls. I'm not sure how complete it is for your purposes. I don't have any experience with any commercial styles.

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    @exoteric: The great thing about WPF is that applying your own styles is incredibly easy. Have you tried approaching it like CSS?

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    @kettch Thanks! I'll try that.

    @Spinovious That's how I want to approach it but I don't want to spend time creating the base theme. I want to tweak certain aspects for certain parts of the application but not build up the entire "stylesheet" to begin with. Call me lazy but the fact that the default theme and others I've looked at look unpolished and incomplete tells me it's not a trivial job to complete and certainly not one that anyone should be doing as the first step of creating an application.

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    Also has a "Expression Dark" theme, looks pretty good.


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    I found MahApps.Metro when I binged a few days ago for my assignment. They also have documentation.

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