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Wacom Tablet

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    I was thinking about purchasing a Wacom Tablet, specifically a Bamboo Capture. Does anyone here have a good tablet they like?


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    Wacom has terrible left-hand mouse support... at least when I checked a yr ago.

    If you're right-handed, you're good to go. Get as big a tablet as you can afford

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    Blue Ink

    @JoshRoss: I got myself a large Wacom Intuos, for CAD work, and that was a big mistake. The sensor is outstanding, but the working position is kind of awkward, as I like to keep the tablet right in front of me. This leaves no room for the keyboard which I cannot do without (that probably depends on the programs you use, but most seem to have plenty of shortcuts).

    I also have lots of problems in doing without a mouse as I find absolute positioning quite tiring. All in all, unless I need pressure sensitivity, I find it's rarely worth the trouble.

    Of course, this is quite subjective and the model you mentioned seems to have some nifty features (the multitouch support might solve the mouse issue, at the very least). If you cannot try one out in advance, I would suggest that at least you see if you can find a comfortable working position or you risk finding yourself with a fancy mousepad.

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    Maybe the Intuos would be the better purchase. I don't need a giant tablet, and I would rather have something that wouldn't get in the way. I also don't want to have to push down too hard on pen and frequently wear out the nib.

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    I've been using a Wacom since, well, I don't want to date myself that far back.

    I currently use a Bamboo (MTE450). I have to say I'm just not that into it compared to my old serial port ArtPadZ's (I have 4 or 5 of them). I really like the pens from the older ones. They fit behind my ear better, they were more pencil like and less mont blanc-ish.

    My best advice would be to go with a 4"x5" pad. I always scratch my head at people who get really big Wacoms. For me it's the efficiency of motion, going from one corner of the screen to the other with a little wrist, and moving my whole arm on a Wacom would get tiring. Plus a 4x5 fits better on a desk IMHO. If you need precision, you can always use zoom in the application. 

    I really believe that there is no faster (or accurate) pointing device than a Wacom.

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    JoshRoss, I'd go for the Bamboo Create. The other models on the Bamboo line are too small for any serious work or use with high resolutions displays. The area and associated resolution are too small and the cursor feels jumpy and less precise. The Bamboo Create is perfect for displays up to 24", according to this Wacom's buyers guide. If you have the money, go for an Intuos5. I have one and it's amazing, even though I miss the illuminated buttons from my previous Intuos4. The medium one is the perfect size.

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