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Waiting for Microsoft...

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    What are you waiting for for microsoft to bring to market? I really have the feeling I've been waiting for to long for some of these stuff.

    1) TO ... solve the internationalisation bug in the Bing Sileverlight Maps API. (Just click 'Follow The tour' at the top right corner at ) It still does not show the right place because of , and , differences.

    2) TO ... make Zune Music and Video compelling outside the US. (Adding content and removing the Microsoft Points system)

    3) TO ... figgure out Language and Region settings are two different things. (Some movies on the Zune marketplace are dubbed in French because half of Belgium speaks French. But the other half likes there movies in english/original and with subtitles)

    3) TO ... bring voice recognistion stuff to other languages then English. And don't block it if you are in a certain region. ( Belgium won't get voice on the XBox even tough I can speak english and the dashboard itself is in Enlish)

    4) TO ... bring Bing to local area's and invest in getting it working very good on local places. And don't block bing local on phones if you are not in US.

    Some of these stuff go really deep. I sometimes really feel like screaming 'hire' me to try and solve some of these problems. I'm not saying I wuold be able to fix them, I'm saying I sometimes feel like the voices outside of the US are not heared within Microsoft headquaters.

    What are you waiting for ?


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    Pretty much everything Microsoft does with regards to localization/internationalization sucks. Everything. And it's not just bad: it's either terrible, or completely non-existant. My favorite thing is when they actively block you from doing stuff in English.

    Also, searching in Bing Maps. Which may or may not be related.

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    Erwin Blonk

    Yep, if you live outside North-America, you have a hard time at it, no denying that. This month I'm up for a new phone and I really want a Phone 7. The Dutch telco's, however, wait for the localization, which may come in April. I want the English interface but I still have to wait. While that isn't entirely Microsoft's decision, I can see how providers wait until the local interface is available too. Also, Microsoft shoves localized versions of Zune etcetera even further away. It's very hard for me to justify to wait that long. As a result I've bought a low-end basic phone and as the end date of my contract gets closer, Android, Nokia and even Badu start looking attractive (not iPhone: I am the de facto tech supporter of one and after a year I can only say 'ewww!'). As Eric S. makes sure that he says something to piss intelligent human beings off, Google's Anrdoid, despite that I think Google makes some top notch products in the internet, I can't bear to look at anything Google without despising myself (seriously, I have a wide tolerance margin for corporate evil, but that Eric guy: no-go).

    So, Microsoft, I'm a fan but sometimes, just sometimes, it's like rooting for the Dolphins (which, as it happens, I do).

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    It almost as bad in Canada. It toook forever for the original Zune marketplace to be available here.
    Every time I set up a new system for someone I just say English US even though I'm not in the US. It just makes things simpler.

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    Maddus Mattus

    Well, look at it from their side;

    It takes a lot of effort to launch a product. To launch it simultaniously world wide is nearly a mission impossible.

    Then there is the timing issue. You have to crank out new versions of your product to stay in the game. If that means that certain markets get left behind, then that's their choice.

    I don't agree with it, but hey; what can I do?

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    @Maddus Mattus: I would be satisfied if they got the concept that Language is not the same as Region and that at a minium English should be available as a second language on stuff available outside of the English speaking markets (people do travel after all).

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