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View Thread: We need surface/win 8 touch subsidized NOW
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    , swheaties wrote

    MS, rather than put ads on the sides of buses why dont you give Surfaces to your dev community so they will write apps for them.

    What are you talking about? Didn't you go to build? Didn't you get your Surface?

    BTW, one of the the reasons Apple is doing so well today is that 25 years ago they gave Macs to every elementry school in the country.  Suprise - when the kiddies grew up they bought Macs.  Whoda thunk it.

    So this is why 25 years ago (1987) Macs marketshare was trending up to the early 90s >10% and it's now in the mid single digits?

    Those kids must not have had a lot of money to buy expensive machines...