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We need surface/win 8 touch subsidized NOW

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    I'm not sure why the Surface would need to be given away or subsidized. The Surface should be able to stand on its own two feet.

    I don't buy into the excuses that Surface is a gen 1 device and so consumers should cut it some slack. Doesn't it stand to reason that if you want a device to make a splash in the market, it needs to exceed what it already out there. That's what Apple did with the original iPhone. Not just another clunky smartphone... they came up with something substantially better.

    I have a Surface and keep going back to the feeling that it's on par with my Android tablets. It does not exceed that which is already out there. It feels to me like simply another alternative. Where's the serious differentiation?

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    , swheaties wrote

    Sombody help him please

    Paolo it's obvious. MAGIC.

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    Microsoft could easily subsidize the Surface. They are receiving 30% of all software sales from it, after all. The problem is, they'd be undercutting the OEMs. DOJ issues? Pissing EOMs off?


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    The upstream supply chain of Microsoft's Surface RT has recently seen the tablet's orders reduced by half, and with other Windows RT-based tablet orders also seeing weak performance, sources from the upstream supply chain believe the new operating system may not perform as well as expected in the market.

    Microsoft originally expected to ship four million Surface RT devices by the end of 2012, but has recently reduced the orders by half to only two million units.

    Although Asustek Computer, Samsung Electronics and Dell have all launched Windows RT-based tablets, consumer demand for those devices is also weak.

    The sources also pointed out that Surface RT is also unlikely to achieve great performance in the upcoming quarter which may force Microsoft to bring out its Intel-based Surface Pro tablet earlier in December.

    The sources also noted that Microsoft may consider reducing its Surface Pro price to attract more consumers; however, such a decision may put the already awkward relationship between the software giant and notebook vendors in an even worse situation.


    Yes, I pasted the entire article. It's interesting, though.

    I'd love to see the Surface Pro arrive early and cheaper!

    The RT may end up subsidized, Jamie, or somehow made cheaper... crossing fingers...

    It will get sorted out... and you are right, Minh, the OEMs are terrified.

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    I'm happy with my Vivo RT and it does what I expected it to do, but tablets are a niche product from what I'm seeing so far.  We'll see what happens in the next year, but touch is kind of a pain in the a$$ for some tasks.  At this point, it's a dedicated surfing, OneNote, remote-Desktop, sudoku machine.

    But that was what I wanted.  Everyone I know who purchased an iPad as some kind of productivity machine stopped bringing it in to work because the form fact doesn't lend itself well to that kind of work. 


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    Ok..the writing is on the wall..... cut a deal with OEMs windows 8 for a year. or cash back to people or whatever...and stop p*sing them off.

    Concentrate, spend more time on making Windows 8 more performant.

    The UI is not 3-D aero style but flat drab 2-D style and the battery still gets less than iPad ? WTF ? Surface NEEDS TO BE more performant. Make more usable apps.

    Quit spending resources and energy on trying to be a hardware guy.

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    Oops... i meant Windows RT and 8 needs to be more performant.

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    @Visible = False:

    The fact is still that for a gen 1 product it isn't bad. It is certainly better than many other tablets/laptops being released by other OEMs that actually have been doing this for many years.

    But I agree it is also true that they do need to have a very good product in order to grow marketshare, and they will fix both the hardware/software issues that do exist in due time. MS is known for sticking it out and ultimately having a winning product. See Xbox for one good example.

    Although I absolutely hate what they did with the Windows 8 desktop.

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