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Web Services that have Data for your Apps?

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    Does Microsoft or a company offer data (and updating data) for people to use with their apps? Sort of like if I wanted to make a Sport Score Application. How do I get the updated sport scores as the games happen? It has to pull the information from somewhere...

    My other thought is that they all just use RSS feeds? But I would think parsing would be involved which is too advanced for me. I would just like a simple web service that offers data so I can learn how to do something like create an app that pulls data from a website or web service.



    Bob One Coupon

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    @bobonecoupon: There is the Azure Marketplace DataMarket. I'm not sure if that is what you are looking for, but it's a good start.


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    Dr Herbie

    @JoshRoss: +1

    Go watch LittleGuru's (Christian) MIX11 session on the Data MarketPlace to see examples of exactly this. LittleGuru is the one doing the demos.



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    Went to the session with the other nominees with Dr. Herbie, Sven and Bas to watch LittleGuru, and found it very promising.  The big question on my mind is how one becomes a provider and gets around all the legalities of taking that data and curating it.  Is it legal to take sport scores from some league as it happens and just add it to your data offering to be consumed by users?  I imagine that you have to license it in some way, but some of it may be public domain.  Do newspapers have to pay a fee to publish stats from games?

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    @Dr Herbie: One intreasting thing I noticed in one of the other the videos was that OData is getting delta support (i.e. items added/deleted since last poll), which would be and improvement over RSS on for something like this.

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