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View Thread: Well, if you're in the market for three tablets
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    , Proton2 wrote

    Pricing is from retail stores. Amazon has far less costly ones available.

    On a side note: My sisters laptop keyboard needed fixing/replacing and a person at a store said it would cost around $400 to fix. I had a look at it, and got her to order a keyboard from Amazon for $15. She actually replaced it herself after she got it in the mail.

    Kids, pop (soda) and computers are a bad combination Smiley


    With a desktop keyboard, you can essentially put it under a faucet to clean if you happen to spill soda on it.

    You can do the same with a notebook keyboard (provided that you remove it from the rest of the notebook, of course). On my primary notebook, there was so much dust and dog fur stuck between the keys, I removed the keyboard, popped off all the keys, and ran it under a faucet to clean. I blew it dry with an air compressor, popped all the keys back on (this was a little tricky as I had to refer to a screenshot of the keyboard that I found on the Internet to figure out which key went where Smiley ), and it's now as good as new.