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    I'm not sure how much work that I am going to get accomplished tomorrow. But, I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised and perhaps wowed.

    This is kind-of exciting!

    Sampy said that we should keep an eye on the keynote. Does anyone want to put something in this thread, for the record, as to what we might see? I, for one, would like to see something that does not have to do with the cloud, the social, the SharePoint, or the apps that have been around for years only but recently ported to web browsers.

    Since Muglia is doing the keynote, I feel that there is little to no chance of this happening. Oh well. On to better and brighter thoughts!

    I would like to see new managed APIs, for Windows, that will expose things that would otherwise need native code to utilize. Oh, and one more thing, the Windows App Store!