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    Supposedly this here very C9 is now running on Azure:

    "Channel 9 - big bet on Windows Azure, now running on Azure not on-premise. New Windows Azure management portal. Big improvement. Channel 9 service has two roles, Memcached and Channel9view (web role, hosting the site); two instances of the latter. Connect button to use Remote Desktop to connect directly to the server. Uses Process Explorer.

    Can also load Azure-based IIS into Visual Studio.

    Channel 9 encodes video into 8 different formats. Uses EvNet Video Publisher. Uses a Hyper-V VM installed in the cloud. Uses virtual networking feature to provide domain access to that machine. Can mix and match on premise network resources with cloud-hosted resources. They all work the same way."

    But yes agreed, for me at least Azure is kinda boring even though I know eventually most apps will run in the cloud. I think in 10 - 20 years the concept of downloading an installer and running it on your computer will be laughable.