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What Azure videos do you want to see?

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    I'm the guy that creates the "cartoony" videos - a la:

    4 videos in the Windows Azure AD Series

    Building Azure pop-up labs in the cloud

    Building a SharePoint pop-up lab in the cloud

    Automating pop-up labs in the cloud with Powershell

    Crypto Primer - Understanding encryption, certificates, public/private key and digital signatures.

    I'm wondering what Azure videos you'd like to see in the future?

    I was thinking of doing an Azure security video for the next one but I'd be happy to be steered by you - the viewers. Any suggestions? Please make them here...

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    How about something on billing?


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    , Jsoh wrote

    How about something on billing?


    yeah real world costs of running services on the cloud.


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    , figuerres wrote


    yeah real world costs of running services on the cloud.


    With case studies or some other example. There'd need to be examples for small, medium and large systems. By small, I'd say something along the lines of a custom LOB application provided by a small ISV to a company with 100 employees or less.

    The calculator on Azure works well enough as a theoretical exercise, but it's hard to get a feel for the real world costs that way.

    I know there's so many options, but how does the cost compare of doing the above with a VM vs Web Role, the same for SQL Azure vs SQL running in a VM.

    I'm pretty happy about the $200 credit for MSDN. This gives a little more flexibility in running these kinds of tests ourselves without paying a lot of money for just testing or if we mess something up and run up a $1000 bill.

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    example case:

    I have an app that needs to connect to a set of services and a database.

    the users will run the app all day long.

    what will that cost over  a year ?

    right now I have a sql server and a web server doing this and we know what that costs per month for the data center, we own the hardware.


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    , kettch wrote

    I know there's so many options, but how does the cost compare of doing the above with a VM vs Web Role, the same for SQL Azure vs SQL running in a VM.

    It's just representative, but I have a VM on Azure that basically serves as a tiny custom web-server and DNS server, with fairly minimal traffic (< 1000 hits a day). It's the smallest VM, shared-core, with a 1GB SQL database on it.

    That's on pay-as-you-go, and it's about £7 (~$10) a month. It's more expensive than you could get elsewhere (Linux VMs on EC2 are slightly cheaper), but it does what I want it to, Microsoft aren't going to lose my credit card details, and I don't really care about the $2pm difference in price to go hunting for a similar but slightly cheaper solution elsewhere.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I did so something that vaguely covered billing, but aimed at the old free trial/msdn account where you got x hours/x GB/ x transactions etc for free. That's changed now with the latest free subscriptions giving $200/month.

    Here's the video I'm talking about. But I like the idea of combining it with "case study" information to give something real.

    I did some "typical" pricing scenarios - only written, not video.

    Perhaps this as a topic list for a video?

    - The "process" of billing: how your bill is calculated.

    - Example Scenarios:

        * Small Blog Site

        * Big Blog Site

        * Running a small SharePoint setup

        * Running a large SharePoint setup

        * Running a large LOB app

    - Case Studies.


    I just need to find a few customers with SharePoint and LOB apps in Azure now who are happy to share what they pay.


    Thanks for the suggestions. Any more?


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    How about an example of a typical App (you choose) with the back end done in multiple Azure back ends each using a different approach to the problem? 

    I might be tempted to put in some options/approaches  that are clearly sub-optimal but maybe useful for educational purposes? 



    BTW I really like your cartoony approach!

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