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    Maddus Mattus

    @Bass: you confuse ownership with regulation. The first has nothing to do with the latter. You can ask yourself if it's fair that government has private property, but that's a different debate.

    @cbae: weeeee another move to Somalia argument. Don't project your solution of running away onto me. I love my country and want to see it prosper. If you want to continue to kick the can down the road, throwing your country into an even bigger depression, by my guest.

    You can always print more money or raise the debt ceiling some more. That's a solution they are all to familiar with in Zimbabwe. Lets see you buy a burger for a million dollars. As soon as the spotlights shift,.. I sure hope you are up to the challenge.

    @Sven Groot: recently, something with children an migration that was in violation with EU law. Will google it once I get home.

    There is the example of the income calculated insurance premium, could also be in violation with eu law, so it was canned.

    The examples are numerous. It's in the treaties, don't know why you need concrete examples.