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    Maddus Mattus

    , SteveRichter wrote

    I think the EU has a better political structure than the US. In the EU financially responsible countries can firewall themselves off from the reckless countries. It is Germany choice whether it wants to loan more money to Greece, Italy and Spain. In the US the feds control the central bank and also have a multil trillion $ annual budget. I do not think the EU has taxing and spending authority.

    Nope, sorry,..

    Look up the ESM treaty. We have no say.

    Want to vote for member of the EC? Can't.

    Want to vote for a member in EP that is not from your country? Can't.

    Want to vote for a president of the EU? Can't.

    Want to vote via a referendum on the treaty of Lisbon? You can, but they will ignore the outcome.

    Want to vote for a national parliament? You can, but they have no real power anymore, Brussels decides what's right and wrong, as EU law weighs heavier then domestic law.

    So, you want to be less free, by all means! come to the EU!