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    , Maddus Mattus wrote


    When the chips are down, when you have a bust, it's in everybody's best interest to see the bust go bust. To prevent a bust to bust is to kick the can down the road and create a bigger bust when you no longer can afford to kick the can.

    Yeah, because having a global economic depression is in everybody's interesting. Hell, if we're going to allow the entire global economy crumble because it's good for us, why not allow the governments that once fostered these economic systems to crumble as well? Government sucks. It can't do anything better than private, profit-motivated industry can, and we're just kicking the can down the road by keeping government around.

    The entire world could use period of lawlessness like in Somalia. The masses of poor will rape and pillage the rich, and things will all even out in the end. Then the entire world can start anew. The Earth is resilient. We can deplete all of the natural resources, because people will eventually die and turn into petroleum just like the dinosaurs did. The world is funny like that. Things just eventually work out, and all countries will be lifted from poverty and be even stronger because the free market will prevail!

    We'll just have to a wait a few million years, and everything will be back to normal. Just you watch!